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Mina Communications proudly welcomes to its clientele

The Flamingo Resort & Spa of Sonoma Wine Country

Photo courtesy of The Flamingo Resort and Spa

Jane Mansfield. Photo courtesy of The Flamingo Resort and Spa.

Not far from city life, yet away from the Bay Area hustle and bustle – the historic Flamingo Resort & Spa awaits. A diamond in the vines, amidst Sonoma’s Bennett Valley Wine Appellation, The Flamingo is the destination where those-in-the-know flock to retreat from everyday monotony.

Designed in the 1950s by Los Angeles modern architect, George Vernon Russell — with the intention of mirroring the original Vegas Flamingo design, Hollywood glamour soon became synonymous with The Flamingo Resort image.

After opening its doors in 1957, Hollywood deemed The Flamingo the place to stay north of the bay.  With such iconic stars as Jane Mansfield frequenting the hotel in years past, and film crews (of more recent years) on-location for such pictures as “Mumford” and “Bandits,” The Flamingo has long lived up to its claim to fame.

Declared a historic landmark in 1996 by the City of Santa Rosa, The Flamingo Resort remains an important piece of local history with a constantly thriving pulse.

As of September 2014, Mina Communications is providing The Flamingo Public Relations services for various promotional efforts. Jobs include News/Press Release generation, E-mail Blast design and copywriting, and Media Outreach. Stay tuned for project samples via


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The Return of BalletMina/MinaComm

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Greetings friends… Just checking-in this day to relay that regular Mina Posts will resume starting this month — March 2014. Why now after so long? Long story…. In short — since the Luscious Noise ensemble went on hiatus in 2012 — MinaComm’s publicity project efforts have gravitated more toward journalistic endeavors.The closure of San Diego’s beloved downtown supper club Anthology (Luscious Noise’ home theatre) was a major blow to the community; as no other venue — just about anywhere — could ever replicate it entirely. For this very reason, Luscious Noise remains on an indefinite break; until otherwise announced.

In other news — in January 2014, MinaComm transitioned its website domain from .com to .org; an ambitious undertaking, yet one worthwhile.

Has MinaComm turned non-profit? Well — no not exactly — at least not yet. The subject is under review however. Once confirmed, timely announcements will be made.

As business culture today becomes increasingly dependent on the internet, the phenomenon now necessitates that business professionals of every trade, invest a substantial amount of their time in expanding their knowledge in IT (Information Technology). In becoming increasingly techy in social media and website development —  I find the parallel between being found online and surviving amongst the digital universe’s fierce competitors, closely exemplifies what Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” theory is all about. As such, MinaComm will be integrating occasional IT and social media news coverage to keep readers in the loop about the most relevant technological issues today.

Until next time. Live. Dance. And Prosper.


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