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Comic-Con International San Diego Convention Center

Greetings Comic-Con Enthusiasts……

With Comic-Con month now underway, the suspense is likely hard to contain for most. But contain ourselves we must, and divert that energy elsewhere, as things like wrapping-up final costume details and deciding how you’ll spend what limited free-time you’ll have is of the essence.

If you’re anything like freelance journalist Mina Rios, despite exhaustion from standing in line all morning/afternoon at the Con, by days end, the internal craving for further stimuli persists. For this reason, Mina takes time to recoup (and sort through media coverage from the days events) after Con hours at such preferred San Diego hubs as Mary Jane’s, Dublin Square, and Odysea.

This year, MiNA proudly invites Comic-Con enthusiasts to drop by MiNA’s Roundtable (starting at around 7pm-ish nightly) to share their Con experience(s) and get featured in an upcoming MinaPRESS column and YouTube video/slide show. Interested parties — please  RSVP by 7/21.


Mary Jane’s Thurs. July 24th / Dublin Square Fri. July 25th / Odysea Sat. July 26th
San Diego Hard Rock Hotel  Mary Jane's

San Diego Hard Rock Hotel
Mary Jane’s


For the curious — what on earth sparked an arts journalist’s interest in Comic-Con in the first place? Childhood influences include Charles Schulz Peanuts comic-strips;  re-runs of the original Superman and Batman TV Series; classic horror films; and fantasy motion pictures by the special effects master Ray Harryhausen, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during Comic-Con a few years prior.

Having grown up during a time when such iconic, pop culture films as Jaws, Superman, and Star Wars were first released, fascination with these films inevitably triggered a deeper appreciation for the cinematic art form — thus inspiring current practices in screenwriting.

San Diego Gaslamp

Dublin Square

As one who continuously looks for innovation in concepts/characters/and plots (for article subjects and inspiration), it’s impossible to overlook the extraordinary attention to superior writing for the small screen over the last decade. With such programs as BBC’s Sherlock and AMC’s Mad Men and Breaking Bad, the quality generating machine television has morphed into, often surpassing the writing excellence of mainstream film (for the big screen), it’s a marvel to watch and privilege to partake-in through Comic-Con.

Odysea Lounge

Odysea Lounge

While only hours remain before the complete Comic-Con Event Schedule is officially posted, based on event announcements thus far, MinaPRESS coverage will include:




Bates Motel, July 2013

Bates Motel, July 2013

 Bates Motel – Fri., Room 6A

Big Bang Theory – Fri., Ballroom 20

The Walking Dead – Fri. Hall H

The Hobbit / Gotham /The Flash / Constantine  / Sat., Hall H

Grimm/American Horror Story – Sat., Ballroom 20

The Following / The Strain – Sun., Hall H

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                                              Until next time…. May the Arts Be With You.


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