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By way of the fundamental trial and error method, many of us have learned that there really are no simple shortcuts to monetary triumph in fundraising; particularly with regard to crowdfunding. With the constant surge in new crowdfunding efforts being added to the mix everyday now, this kind of fierce competition (which the world has never seen before), has made it virtually impossible to anticipate how well any campaign will do these days.


The reality of how one can have any handle on their campaigns financial gain isn’t a shiny new sexy strategy, but rather plain-old straightforward (and constant) networking with people of common interests and stable financial means; and advance planning of how one will go about promoting their campaign.

If your campaign (like many) started out without a real plan and you’re fast approaching the bitter-end of your campaign — your only real option at this point is to extend the campaign deadline by a few weeks; give your campaign content a facelift; then begin promoting your effort with a fresh new approach like there’s no tomorrow.

If you’ve yet to make social media outlets and blogs your best friends, it’s time to get friendly and put on that pleasant friend-face to make it so.

Tell the world about your project/cause; and do it well. Short on ideas? See what others are doing right; visit campaign pages that know what success looks like up-close. For inspiration — check out some of the million dollar campaigns on Indiegogo that have more than doubled their goals in record time.

Paying it Forward to an in-direct campaign competitor you admire (one that’s in a different campaign category from yours), by sharing some positive feedback on their campaign comment section, could lead to good things; i.e. an encouraging or validating reply that yields a boost in morale; possibly even a financial contribution.

Commentary that’s simply not cool to post on other people’s campaign pages are messages from amateurs claiming to offer effective publicity services to help promote your campaign, in exchange for a cut from your hard-earned funds. Don’t fall into this trap.

The overwhelming growth in crowdfunding that’s rapidly turned into a groundbreaking phenomenon, pretty much guarantees there will soon be a slew of start-up companies offering publicity services catering specifically to crowdfunding efforts. Not surprising — there already are a handful of small business entities offering these services; despite this, be a little weary. Given that crowdfunding publicity services are a relatively new trade, thorough investigation of their legitimacy is yet to become public record, therefore caution is advised.

Now after reading this, if you’re feeling a little inspired — even a little generous, take a look at the Soul of a Blue Butterfly campaign on Indiegogo and see what a unique project in need of support looks like. Then ask yourself — what exactly makes a crowdfunding campaign fund-worthy? Can a small production with clear potential matter to enough people to make a difference? One can only hope.


The IndieGoGo Tap Dance Continues……..

Posted in journalism by MiNA on June 1, 2014

Good news! The perks just keep getting better… While efforts to make the Blue Butterfly campaign/crowdfunding tap dance with Indiegogo a crowd-pleaser — remain an ongoing objective, to help stimulate interest and support for the presentation of Soul of a Blue Butterfly in NYC on June 17, 20, 22 — we wish to butter-you-up a tad further.

Most people recognize that by nature, the art of dance (particularly ballet) is back-breaking work; making chiropractic back adjustments an essential part of a dancers existence. To that end — Alive & Well Chiropractic, located on the upper east side of Manhattan, wishes to reward contributors of all levels ($5 and above) with a FREE-dom ticket to spinal therapy wellness.

Quite the generous offer from the house doctor (the official chiropractor of the Blue Butterfly artists), it’s our way of extending our thanks for your support toward this very important campaign/production.


Show your support, and the reward of back pain relief is yours. IndieGoGoGo.…. 


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