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The Print Apocalypse

Posted in news by MiNA on March 6, 2014

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN MINA’S JOURNAL in March 2013 via the former domain.

In observing the continuous deterioration of the traditional media platform in recent years, it has become a personal priority to help generate further awareness on the significance of these dying breeds; and to aid in efforts leading to the further longevity of those outlets that remain.

Having begun my professional writing career in print, with the former Dancer Magazine, it is my privilege to partake in efforts geared toward sustaining the vitality of the world’s first form of mass media.

If you follow current print media news, you will have heard Time Warner’s plan to sever ties with its own archetype institution — Time Magazine; and the iconic Reader’s Digest magazine, founded in 1922, have sadly filed for bankruptcy. Few are surprised by this news, but the loss of these significant American icons is tragic nonetheless.

Every year since 2008, newspapers and magazines from around the world have been disappearing by the thousands. This occurrence has become so rampant, there’s now an online death watch tracking which publication(s) will cease to exist next.

Paper Cuts – covers the latest newspaper casualties:

The Magazine Death Pool

The Print Apocalypse is worsening as we speak; and repercussions are expected. How these repercussions will manifest – that remains to be seen.

Though the media is often to blame for sensationalized news; there is a double standard. Generally speaking, a majority of people are thrilled when mentioned in the news. The reason — print is tangible; it’s one of the few outlets that can be held in one’s hand and treasured like a photograph for years to come.

Those in the public eye thrive on print media exposure; and they rely on it, not only to inform, but to sway public opinion, and achieve and maintain fame and popularity. Broadcast and electronic media are invaluable sources as well and do help satisfy these purposes. But when comparing modern media to a medium that has garnered centuries of literary prestige, its credibility as a medium cannot be paralleled. As such, we can presume that a few leading print outlets will survive the digital age. Only — subject matter will likely become limited to what sells.

With so few print media sources, general news coverage in smaller communities will undoubtedly become sparse. As for publicity opportunities — those who have come to depend on it over the years – may find this privilege become a thing of the past.

As we digress from traditional media and overlook what print media still exists, we place all our needs into one primary source – one that depends on an enormous amount of energy to function; a daunting concept in itself.

In the event that over-saturation in cyberspace occurs, and an unprecedented number of online entities become forever lost in the digital abyss, the once forgotten Medieval invention known as the printing press will be there on the sidelines, ready for duty.


An Important Message from FreePress

Posted in advocacy, news by MiNA on March 6, 2014

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

ATTN NET USERS: More eyes need to see. More minds need to understand. The disastrous Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is very real. Be concerned. Take a stand. Many thanks.

IceRocket to the Rescue

Posted in news by MiNA on March 5, 2014

Greetings friends of the net….. Following up from the March 2, 2014 posting “The Return of BalletMina/MinaComm,” efforts toward building awareness about the new domain and Mina’s Journal blog are happening at warp speed this week.

Beyond the essential web sources which businesses large and small depend: Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Adwords, monetization on YouTube, et al — thank goodness for the existence of blog specific search engines, as they are the life preservers of quality blog content in the infinite Blogosphere.

A noteworthy discovery floating in the digital abyss is Meltwater Global — headquartered in San Francisco, CA; reference

Specializing in brand building and providing solutions in PR and Social Media Marketing, a huge thank you goes out to Meltwater for the opportunity to list the Mina Press blog in the company’s high-priority indexing queue IceRocket.

Many thanks!
Live. Dance. And Prosper…

The Return of BalletMina/MinaComm

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Greetings friends… Just checking-in this day to relay that regular Mina Posts will resume starting this month — March 2014. Why now after so long? Long story…. In short — since the Luscious Noise ensemble went on hiatus in 2012 — MinaComm’s publicity project efforts have gravitated more toward journalistic endeavors.The closure of San Diego’s beloved downtown supper club Anthology (Luscious Noise’ home theatre) was a major blow to the community; as no other venue — just about anywhere — could ever replicate it entirely. For this very reason, Luscious Noise remains on an indefinite break; until otherwise announced.

In other news — in January 2014, MinaComm transitioned its website domain from .com to .org; an ambitious undertaking, yet one worthwhile.

Has MinaComm turned non-profit? Well — no not exactly — at least not yet. The subject is under review however. Once confirmed, timely announcements will be made.

As business culture today becomes increasingly dependent on the internet, the phenomenon now necessitates that business professionals of every trade, invest a substantial amount of their time in expanding their knowledge in IT (Information Technology). In becoming increasingly techy in social media and website development —  I find the parallel between being found online and surviving amongst the digital universe’s fierce competitors, closely exemplifies what Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” theory is all about. As such, MinaComm will be integrating occasional IT and social media news coverage to keep readers in the loop about the most relevant technological issues today.

Until next time. Live. Dance. And Prosper.


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